Can you spot the Pro Blogger?

Arieanna asks today how you can spot a pro blogger–Bloggeropoly–well since most of us work behind the scenes it might be a little hard to peg us down.  For myself I try to put my “blogsig” at the bottom of many posts.  It also has my contact information so people can reach me easily.  But what about your own blog?  Arieanna has taken care of that too.  Using the famous Button Maker — Kalsey Consulting Group she made this:
Feel free to download–please download not hotlink–and use on your own site.  Arieanna was making badges for Qumana too, then I think she got carried away.
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Tris Hussey is a professional blogger and blog consultant, the Chief Blogging Officer for Qumana Software, and Managing Director of Qumana Services.  I use QumanaHe can be reached at tris AT qumana DOT com or tris AT trishussey DOT com.

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  1. I like the Luca Zappa Button Maker personally.

  2. Tris Hussey says:

    Thanks for the tip! That one is cool. I sent it to Arieanna…let’s see what comes next ;-)!

  3. Thanks! Both are good tools – very similar. I like that one though because it has an easier preview ability. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Something that looks like a button or “badge” should *function* like a button or badge, so what does the pro blogger button actually do?

    Sorry guys, but this is another one of those ideas that isn’t quite “there”.

    My opinion is that what makes a blogger professional or a professional a blogger is not what they *say* they do, but what they actually do and their content itself.

    Sure, there may be cases where it’s unclear what the blogger’s motives or agenda is, but use your blogging “voice” and your title text and description text and blog roll, etc. to make it clear.

    If you want to set up a professional blogger organization, then having a badge to connect to its site or blog would make sense. Something that effectively says “Member – Professional Blogging Association – Since 1879”.

    It never hurts to identify the “parent” organization on whose behalf you are blogging, if any.

    Finally, I would ask why anyone should even care that you’re a “pro blogger”.

    Of course, it’s usually quite easy to tell who is “blogging as a business” — ever notice all the Google-style ads?

    Parting shot… how about a bloggers union?

    — Jack Krupansky