Using Images with Adsense Ads

Another interesting trend I’ve noticed in Adsense design recently on a number of discussion forums is to place images above your ads to draw the attention of your readers to them.

Check out this thread at digital point and check out the innovative ad placement below with pictures placed above a banner ad (source). This is just one of numerous examples of this emerging strategy that many are swearing by (in this example the publisher boasts a 400% increase in CTR).

I can’t see anything in the Adsense guidelines to stop you using this strategy – however I’d be a little cautious about it and look through their rules for yourself before embarking upon it.

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  1. Ryan Latham says:

    This is possibly on the fence of the do not encourage visitors to click your links. But I don’t think it quite qaulifies as such. However, I will say it is pretty clever.

  2. gary says:


    I will be watching your blog to see what the response from Adsense is. I’m sure someone will be asking them if this is within the terms of service. Can’t wait to see the answer cause I think this will greatly improve clickthroughs on my site.

  3. Jon says:

    I have heard about people gotten warnings just for making funny borders around the ads. But that is a long time ago.

  4. Andre says:

    What about write an email to google asking if it is possible?
    I think I will do it.

  5. Andre says:

    Well, I have the oficial aswer from Google. I send them the web adress of this topic.
    Before I write their answer, I want to say that I recoment write to Adsense Suport every time you have a question.
    In this case, this kind of strategy may increment artificialy the number o clicks, and the advertiser costs.
    Google said that this strategy is agains the TOS.
    Conclusion: You cannot use it!