Gawker’s Oddjack

Gawker Media has launched another new entrepreneurial blog – Oddjack – the gambling blog. It has categories on Event Betting, Politics, NBA Playoff Lines etc.

Whilst Adsense won’t be an option for this blog (they don’t like gambling sites) there is plenty of opportunity for affiliate programs and other advertising and I suspect it’ll generate some good income.

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  1. I personally know somebody who had a decent ranking for a casino-related word and was offered 10K/month for three ads on their main page. It’s incredible what kind of income comes from that stuff.

  2. Andre says:

    Top gambling affiliates are earning in excess of $100 000 per month, and even that figure may be on the low side. This market is huge, extremely cut throat and pretty saturated, so getting in at this point in time won’t be an easy ride. For the persistent, patient few, it may very well be worth their while.

  3. Ken says:

    I was amazed that Gawker didn’t get into this sooner. Kind of fit their other blogs, at least with Gawker and Defamer, the jetset type, wanting to find a game or at least learn how not to get hosed during a game.

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