Volvo’s $60,000 Sponsorship of AutoBlog Podcast

Business Week reports that Volvo are buying into a $60,000 sponsorship with Weblogs Inc’s new Autoblog podcast. This sponsorship will be for the first six months of this new podcast and is the biggest podcast sponsorship that I’ve noticed so far.

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  1. and they say blogs don’t pay….

  2. Jacob Rask says:

    So that will mean an increase of around $330 a day for them, right? Which means they will probably reach $3k a day even faster than they reached $2k :P

  3. Allen Heat says:

    how big is their staff? who is the man with the biggest share?

  4. Darren Rowse says:

    Jacob the $2,000 per day figure is just their Adsense earnings. You can add to that their text ad sales, banner ads etc. They would already be well over $3,000 per day.

    Allen – they had a staff of around 70 bloggers and 9 or 10 full timers last time I talked to Jason.

    As far as the specifics of who gets what – I don’t know the splits but money goes to bloggers, staff, expenses, back into the business and then what’s left must go to the owners of which there is a number.

  5. Marc James says:

    AFAIK, they don’t really post new podcats regularly (has been months unless they changed their feed). And how many listeners do they really have? That’s a huge price for something not real popular, IMO.