Close Hits MTV

John Bradbury has just emailed me to let me know that he’s just seen (and posted about) an advertisement for Gawker Media blog Gizmodo on MTV.

Like John – I’ve not heard of a blog advertising itself on mainstream media like this. It’s quite the promotional campaign they’ve got going there over at Gawker.

Update: John has corrected his mistake – the ad was not for Gizmodo but for Gizmondo.

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  1. Allen Heat says:

    I guess that’s a good campaign, but to be honest, even if i do become THAT big…i won’t advertise this way….


  2. Scott Kidder says:

    Hi there,

    While this would be cool, unfortunately it is not true. I’m told the ad was for Gizmondo, a gaming device.


  3. Okay don’t I feel the complete boob. Joel Johnson editor of Gizmodo just contacted me to clarify the situation, and it seems I was mistaken. The advert I actually saw was for Gizmondo a new hand held games console.

    After admitting I watched ‘The Rise of Britney’ too :oops:

    (Sorry Darren)

  4. Ken says:

    Ouch…for the Britney thing, the Gizmondo thing can be forgiven…=P

  5. Ryan Latham says:

    Hey…leave the guy alone…Britney has been known to make me rise…I’m sure you all are no different.

  6. Anonymous says:

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