Feedburner enable Adsense Ads in RSS Feeds

Feedburner have just announced that they can add Adsense RSS ads to their publishers feeds if those publishers are already approved by Adsense.

I’m testing Adsense ads on one or two of my feeds (or will be when they start appearing) but you won’t see them on at this point because it is a WordPress Blog which is not supported by Adsense for feeds yet.

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  1. I wonder why they only support MovableType and Blogger. Is it because the ad settings page can only generate code that uses the tags for those blogs, or some other technical reason?
    If it is the former then using Feedburner would allow you to add ads to any feed. It looks like Feedburner is taking the permalink, date, etc, from the feed elements and embedding it in the adsense code.

  2. nickel says:

    If the support for this is coming through FeedBurner, it seems like they should be able to handle WordPress blogs.

  3. It does work for WordPress blogs. I’m just wondering if Google will come and say “This is not a supported CMS, no Ads for you!”

  4. Duncan Riley says:

    how quickly things change in 2 days :-)


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