Adsense Competitive Ad Filter URLs Missing?

Has anyone else noticed that their Adsense Competitive Ad Filter no longer has any URLs in it?

When I last checked there were at least 15 URLs on it – but today I noticed there were none.

Two readers have also notified me that they too have noticed this on their accounts.

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  1. Jon Gales says:

    It’s there for me. There are two filters, one for search and one for content… That tricked me once (Hey, where did they all go!? Oh I’m in search…)

    When I logged in the note at the top was about the filters, it linked to

  2. Mine are still there.

    Must be a temporary disruption.

  3. Jay Jones says:

    I sent a request to Google to look into this, because my were most definitely missing… I specifically made sure of the URL and page title, and sent it to Google. A few hours later, they were back in my filter list, and then I got this email from Google…

    “I have examined your account and found that you have a number of sites on the URL filter list under the Ad Settings tab. Perhaps you were looking at the URL filter under the Search Settings tab? This is a separate filter list for blocking ads from appearing on search results pages for searches performed in the AdSense for search box. You currently do not have any URLs on this filter list.”

    Hmmm… nope. I’m positive it was my Competetive Ad filter.

    At any rate, it’s back, and I’m happy :)

  4. Darren Rowse says:

    Well well well – my URLs have mysteriously reappeared on the very page that there were none when I wrote this post. Something funny going on there but it looks like Google are not going to admit anything looking at Jay’s last comment.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Tony says:

    I wish I could put more then 200 URL’s, so much spam ads and competition.