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Duncan challenges a statement made by Adam L. Penenberg in an article in Wired News that ‘no one has gotten rich off blogs in the West’. I tend to agree with Duncan on this one and wonder if Adam really thought through this statement before sending his article off for publishing. It seems to me to be a bit of a throwaway line at the end of an article – but is something I know not to be true.

I was speaking this morning with a blogger via IM who in a year has built a quality single blog from scratch that now is on track for a $200,000+ year in 2005. This blogger (who wants to remain anonymous for fear of his niche being flooded) is still in his late teens and I’m guessing feels very ‘rich’ right now.

This is a story that I’m hearing more and more regularly. The figures vary ($200,000 is the most I’ve heard for a year from a single blog run by a single blogger) but the sentiment is the same – people feeling very ‘rich’ – not just financially but in so many other ways.

Of course Adam is probably looking for blogging millionaires – something no one has really gone public about achieving yet. I guess its early days for ProBlogging – however if someone hasn’t already quietly achieved the 7 figure income I suspect it won’t be that far off.

PS – having said all that – Adam’s article is actually worth a read – its about a young Hong Kong blogger who is building his own network of blogs in the model of Gawker Media.

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  1. Shirazi says:

    How much rich? I think it is a little early to assess if blogs are making people rich or not.

  2. Tom Hanna says:

    Ben and Mena Trott come to mind immediately in the ‘blogging made rich’ category.

  3. thomas says:

    200K in just one year? wow, sounds very hard to believe such a high level of income can be achieved with just one blog in a ‘legit’ topic area in only ONE year… dare I speculate that it is a porn type blog?

  4. Darren Rowse says:

    it is a completely legitimate blog and probably one that no one here has ever heard of – I hadn’t. This guy is flying under the radar in the blogosphere but is the biggest in his niche.

  5. John Evans says:

    If you take the email newsletter as a kind of mobile blog ~ or proto-blog ~ then a lot of millionaires have already been created. Cory Rudl, Yanick Silver (?) etc…. Business blogging is really an extension of the old SEO, building an opt-in list, distributing content and selling someone something, even if it’s only a click. Blogging is really not that different, except it’s easier, more convenient, cheaper, and probably less arduous.

  6. Marc James says:

    The most impressive fact is he is in his late teens, as am I at 19. I might do $15K in 2005, but $200K would be insane for a website. Props to him.

  7. This post is old, but I think nobody yet became millionaire. Maybe perez hilton is close to that but not from blogging ONLY.

  8. Darren Rowse says:

    I would respectfully disagree Helping Other Bloggers – I know of numerous bloggers who’ve hit the million dollar mark from blogging.