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Simon Canning wrote a feature in The Australian that touches a bit of blogging and advertising. It largely focuses upon MSN Spaces which it claims makes up a third of all Australian blogs (estimated at 360,000 in number).

I’m a bit skeptical of these figures and wonder how their source could ever get an accurate figure as so many blogs are run on .com, .net or other domains – and most are hosted outside Australia.

It’s good to see an article on blogging in an Aussie mainstream newspaper though – its just a pity that they focused so heavily upon what MSN are doing to make money off blogging and only got in touch with one of the ‘360,000 Aussie bloggers’ for a quick, end of article comment.

The article is better than nothing however – I need to stop being so cynical.

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  1. Mike says:

    It’s as though only Australians will read the blogs hosted on the Australian service, therefore of limited appeal for advertisers. When will Australian companies realize the internet is global, and even though a blog or website is created by an Aussie, the audience can be global and they are an excellent advertising media for companies thinking “global” with products that can be sold all over the world. Or maybe those companies don’t exist…

  2. Rob says:

    I saw in The Age a day or two ago that theyhad a couple of business personalities/journalists starting blogs. Or perhaps they were existing blogs that they were advertising.