New AdSense Support Site Pages

JenSense has noticed some new pages in the Adsense rabbit warren of support pages. Now they have a News and Case Studies page and a News Page (which only has links to four old-ish news articles) in addition to their older case studies page.

Here is a tip for our Google Adsense friends – how about an official Adsense Blog – or at least an RSS feed for your updates of Adsense support pages?!

I’m sure it’d be an incredibly popular site with publishers – I’d practically camp out there. In fact perhaps you need a ProBlogger type blogger to run such a blog for you!?

It just strikes me that giving publishers more information and education on Adsense would not only make bloggers more loyal to the program but that it would help them earn more money for themselves and Google. I have always wondered why they don’t pay more attention to Adsense publishers and hope that some of the recent changes are a signal that they are getting serious about taking the program to the next level.

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  1. colbert says:

    hi darren, you are right.. Google should pay more attention to us… Without us, Adwords won’t be so successful