Ecto Problems

I’ve been having some real frustrations with Ecto over the past day or two. I’m unsure if its just the latest version or whether my recent server updates have caused issues – or both.

Some of the issues include the inability to upload photos via ecto, posting as drafts rather than published posts and the losing of categories (reverting to default category rather than the selected one). The confusing part is that different blogs seem to be having different issues – some work perfectly others won’t post at all.

As I say – it might not be an ecto problem – but its starting to get very frustrating and is slowing down my posting considerably.

Are any other ecto users having problems?

Update – Adrian – the brain behind Ecto – has gotten in touch with me and has been incredibly helpful. The problem looks to be two fold.

1. WP’s latest build has an issue that stops categories working with ecto.
2. I think my latest server update has caused a little issue with communication between server and ecto. Looking into it.

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  1. I tested out the windows version of Ecto and had issues with the drafts too. Might be my wordpress upgrade – not sure though.

  2. Bald Man says:

    I lost the toolbar buttons for a couple weeks, but once I downloaded the latest version all was fixed. No other issues that I’ve come across.

  3. Yvonne Adams says:

    I’m having the category problem also. I’ve been having to go into WordPress admin via a browser to get rid of the default category on every post from Ecto. Really annoying.

  4. Adriaan says:
  5. Yvonne Adams says:

    Thanks, Adrian! Fix is in place.