Adwords Blog Launched

In my last post (written last night) I suggested that Google Adsense start a blog. This morning I wake up and check in with Jen only to find that Adwords (the advertisers side of Adsense) has started a blog – Inside Adwords. Whilst on the advertising side of Adwords this is a feed I’ll be following closely as I’m certain it will enhance my use of Adsense as a publisher.

There are only three posts there so far but the concept is a good one – already they are sharing tips and giving advice on system outages.

This is exactly what I was thinking last night when I wrote about the need for an Adsense blog – bring it on Google!

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  1. Andy says:

    Google are a watchin’ you :)

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    i wish

  3. Tinus says:

    If this blog’s post-rate is anything like their Picase blog ( it is doomed..

  4. Tony E says:

    That’s very funny. I just read your last post a few hours ago. It will be great to see the information Google will offer on their blog.

  5. "Rex" says:

    actually you might joke about Google reading your blog, but here is some news for you. The person who suggested I check out your blog works for Google in the Adsense department. When he heard I was interested in blogging and using Adsense he suggested I read your blog.

    Maybe you should leave a few more suggestions here for the Adsense team because you are building yourself a real reputation as being a leading educator on the program in your niche.

  6. Jim Kukral says:

    Darren, you have the ORIGINAL adsense blog :)

  7. ralphy says:

    go google

  8. web designer says:

    That means….related to all queries about adwords….solutions can be found there…!! thats a good news !!


  1. Inside Adwords, the blog

    Seems as if Google is slowly tapping more into the business of having blogs as information channel for its users.

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