The Prelaunch Success Plan for your Blog

Paul has a good post on things to consider before launching your new blog to better the chances of success for your new blog. Rather than coming up with a topic, doing a quick design and a single post before telling the world about your new blog there are a number of things that can help your chances. Like Paul, I know the temptation to rush this process (starting a new blog is fun and exciting) but its worth taking your time.

Paul breaks it down to four aspects:

  1. The Design
  2. The Content
  3. What is it?
  4. The Review

Spot on advice under each topic – check out the full article here.

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  1. Allen Heat says:

    Wow, i seem to find things here exactly when i need them :lol:


  2. It’s too easy to get in over your head – thanks for some help with the planning ;-)

  3. Another thing you should think about before launching a blog is your optimization strategy. The moment you go live, search engines will start crawling your site.

  4. John Swart says:

    When I follow the suggested link, it brings me to the pages that is titled International Chargeback Reports Agency. I see lots of eBay stuff but nothing that looks like the article you are suggesting we read.

    PLEASE make the link to the article you are referring to! You may think the reference you are referring to is obvious but some of us need to run it things head on. If I like the article I will check out the site. But in this case I may never be back to the referenced site nor is it likely I will return to your site.


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