Google Adsense Stats Delays – Don’t Panic

I thought I’d post something about this as I’ve had 4 emails and a few IM’s about it in the last couple of hours. Adsense stats seem to be experiencing delays and have done for at least the last 4 or 5 hours. You’re not the only one if you’re noticing this.

My advice: have patience. This happens from time to time. Often it is associated with changes and updates with the program – sometimes these changes are public ones, sometimes they are not. Such delays usually only last a few hours but I’ve seen them last up to 12 or so.

Don’t panic – previously such delays have not meant changes in earnings – they continue to count your clicks and income and update them later.

Update: And its back… (or at least has updated to some extent)

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  1. Yvonne Adams says:

    I knew it was a glitch since I’ve had several comments on my personal site since the stats were last updated. Not that it matters for me. I had more clickthoughs than usual before the delay, so I’m not in panic mode (the traffic on this site is pretty low anyway, mostly feed readers).

  2. Duncan Riley says:

    I was only just looking at my adsense stats and starting to panic that traffic had dived today, I can breath more easily again now.

  3. Yvonne Adams says:

    Wednesday is usually my highest or second highest traffic day. I really have no idea why, though I expect it’s due to Google updates.

    If Wednesdays are hosed, so am I. :-)

  4. Andy says:

    I’m just starting to see more consistent click-throughs on Adsense, I am hoping because of better placement on my site. Even so, I’m not sure if I’d notice Adsense delays as things still feel pretty erratic.

  5. Michele M says:

    Same here, we are waiting…

  6. I was a little scared because when I was at a clients office today I accidently clicked on a Google ad on one of my sites (being a laptop only devotee it took me a while to get the hand mouse corordination thing back) and I thought “sh*t Google’s fruad protection must be good”.

  7. That’s hilarious Anthony ;-)

    I was bothered that my stats didn’t change from mid-morning to the next day. I thought I’d done something horribly wrong when just the day before I’d made significant changes to one of my sites.

  8. Hilarious now. Not so hilarious when you’re had an amazing start to the month. But yeah now I’m a happy little chappy that G! is starting to show the right figures.

  9. Has anyone else noticed some continuing problems? I’m finally getting stats for the current day but G’s telling me that yesterday not one click registered. This has happened before, but not since I had very low traffic. I’m wondering if anybody else has stats anomalies for May 5th