Follow up Posts

Wayne writes a good post on the topic of follow up posts:

‘Returning to a previous ongoing controversy or concept, provides a useful and interesting source, of blog post ideas. Often your longer term readership will appreciate finding out more information on an idea previously presented in your blog.

Blog SEO efforts are also enhanced, by picking up previous themes or topics, and running with them in several new directions.

Followup posts are ideal for political, legal, and sports blogs. Each those blog categories is ideally suited to continuing column ideas. Most regular readers will be very intrigued as to how the initial case, policy, or game under discussion, was resolved.’

Nice post again Wayne I’m sure I’ll write more about this – in a later post…

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  1. Relatedly, if your blog makes use of categories, you may find over time that a certain topic has come up so often, or become so prominent an issue, that it deserves its own category to make it easier for readers to find past coverage. I found myself doing that a month or so ago, and methodically went through and added all my previous posts on a specific topic (over the lifespan of the site) to a new category named for that topic, in addition to the more general categories they were already part of.


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