Google TrustRank

Search Engine Watch notes a few new trademarks from Google – including one interesting one ‘ TrustRank’ which they speculate that it could be an indication that Google are cooking up some new ranking system (like PageRank?) that is for combatting web spam.

Also trademarked by Good are the terms:

  • ‘Advertise On the Neighborhood World Wide Web’
  • ‘Its All About Results’
  • ‘Picture Simplicity’
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  1. jim says:

    It’s All About Results is the tagline they use with Adwords.
    Picture Simplicity is the tagline they use with Picasa, the imaging package they recently acquired.

  2. Nicole Simon says:

    Trustrank makes sense. Worked good on PGP and I have been waiting for a similar concept on connected webpages / blogs for a long time now. :)

  3. On first glance I’d speculate that TrustRank would be a system much more focused towards ecommerce and Froogle than being a replacement to PageRank.Maybe something like eBay’s feedback system. Well that’s what it’d be if I ran Google.

  4. aaron wall says:

    >ranking system (like PageRank?) that is for combatting web spam.

    all ranking systems aim to promote good sites and combat spam. One thing that is interesting about TrustRank as a concept is that it is reliant upon human editors to seed the set. So Google can say that its all automated or all algorithmic, but they felt it necissary to trademark a process which as described in its original form required human editors.


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  2. TrustRank

    The ProBlogger reports that Google have trademarked TrustRank .