Google AdSense in RSS Feeds

Google have developed the technology for putting adsense ads in RSS Feeds. This is the news we’ve all been waiting for as publishers. is one of the first testers of this this new RSS ad system (check the ads out in their RSS feed).

I’m surprised that its taken this long to get a system like this up – but I’m very happy that they have. There is no official word yet from Google on this – somtimes it takes a while for testing like this to get out of beta – but it can’t be too far off. The big question is – where do I sign up!? I wonder how you get on the testing list for this.

Source: Google AdSense in RSS! (Chris Pirillo)

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  1. Fitzgerald says:

    I agree, because while I love RSS Feeds from a user point of view. I worry about the loss of the ability to deliver ads for my affiliate merchants from an associate point of view.

  2. Jamie says:

    Will be a welcome addition, but it seems be very much in beta (like much of Web 2.0…) – none of my clicks are going through in NetNewsWire.

  3. nawaki says:

    It’s still on beta version..this is the solution of rss that make my adsense become decrease..people just read the rss with their rss reader..


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    AdSense in RSS Feeds

    Google is test-driving the use of its AdSense program in RSS feeds.

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