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Thanks for all those who submitted ideas for a new tagline for this blog. As a number of your advised – the ‘Helping Bloggers Earn Money’ line is probably worth keeping – it sums the site up in so many ways and to change it would be to go against my own advice to make it clear what you’re blog is about to new visitors.

Having said that – some of the suggestions were very good and I’ll use them in different ways. I’m thinking of putting a rotating quote from readers on the side bar at some stage – also some of them would make excellent T-Shirts (but would anyone want to buy one?). I thought I’d highlight the suggestions made here – for a bit of fun. Feel free to add more in comments.

Here they are:

Danger Stevens suggested:

  • ProBlogger – adsense can buy coffee
  • ProBlogger – lighting a fire under your non-blogging ass
  • ProBlogger – explaining blogosphere acronyms since 2004
  • ProBlogger – because $1.23 a day is a good start

Uffe suggested:

  • ProBlogger – online goldmine

David Strommer suggested:

  • – Show me the Money!

Jon suggested:

  • “ – Blogging for Money”
  • “ – On the Money”

jim suggested:

  • – Enriching Bloggers
  • – Helping Bloggers Help Themselves

Duncan suggested:

  • Problogger: even in bleak city you to can make a quid online
  • Problogger: the best way of dealing with the rise in interest rates
  • Problogger: money isn’t everything, but it did help me buy my house
  • Problogger: why should Google keep all their money?

Jarkko suggested:

  • ‘The harder you blog, the luckier you get’ (adapting Plato)
  • ‘Always blog right – this will gratify some and astonish the rest’ (Mark Twain)

Nicole Simon suggested:

  • Problogger – making passionated bloggers even better’
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  1. I’d definitely buy a shirt! ;-)

  2. Carla says:

    Yeh, there a couple of potential shirts there I’d buy too. :)

  3. A simple variation: Helping bloggers help each other earn money.
    Or: Bloggers helping each other earn money.

    This would put a little needed emphasis on the sense of community upon which blogging is based.

    Minor rant: Sometimes it feels like us commenters get treated like bothersome siblings and don’t get no respect. Some day… the commenters will be on top and the “bloggers” will be begging for a few scraps from our tables. We’ll only be able to be held down for so long. But for now, keep up the good work.

    — Jack Krupansky