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Thanks to those who’ve emailed and commented to let me know they’ve had problems with my feedburner RSS feed. I know that so many of you access this site via RSS that it concerns me that some of you are missing my many daily posts. Whilst feedburner provides me with great stats and other options it is a bit useless if you’re missing every few posts.

So if you’re one of those missing posts feel free to use the default feeds supplied by WordPress – the RSS and Atom feeds.

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  1. Mike Schnoor says:

    Just a minute ago, I wondered why people had a feedburner link to your blog, but then I remembered that I’d browse the sourcecode and always look for the meta information instead of searching XML or RSS buttons in the sidebars… this probably depends on the entire userbehaviour. And since you offer RSS 2.0, I’d always use it. The question is tho, is the number of those who use the WP-feed higher than those who use the feedburner access?

  2. Nicole Simon says:

    I don’t had problems till now – but I was wondering why I had not seen a post in one day from you. ;o)

    But you – as everybody else – should do a hidden feedburner feed = the url is your domain, all subscribes go to your domain but the backend is feedburner. This way you don’t loose anything once you ever switch.

  3. Leonivek says:

    I use Feedburner for my blog too, and I’ve subscribed myself to it with Newsgator in Outlook and I haven’t encountered these missing posts except for Problogger, as mentioned in the comments here:

    I don’t have many subscribers to my blog’s feed so I can’t confirm if it does this for other people.

    Darren, do you use the SmartFeed feature of Feedburner?