ProBlogger – Helping Bloggers Earn Money?

This afternoon I’ve been spending a little time thinking about how to brand ProBlogger – ‘Helping bloggers earn Money’ is probably the most descriptive catch cry I can think of but I thought I’d throw it over to you my wonderful readers to see if you can come up with anything better.

Any ideas? What is ProBlogger to you? How would you describe it to another blogger?

It needs to be short, sharp and descriptive. I’m hoping to use it in some advertising as well as here on the site.

Feel free to have a bit of fun with it if you like.

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  1. ProBlogger – adsense can buy coffee
    ProBlogger – lighting a fire under your non-blogging ass
    ProBlogger – explaining blogosphere acronyms since 2004
    ProBlogger – because $1.23 a day is a good start

  2. Uffe says:

    When I think of this site I actually think “online goldmine” (of information).

    However, I don’t know how well that would do for a descriptive tagline. But short and sharp it is :)

  3. Uffe says:

    When I think of this site I actually think “online goldmine” (of information).

    However, I don’t know how well that would do for a descriptive tagline. But short and sharp it is :)

  4. Rich Ottum says:

    Just promise never to use the word “monetize.”

  5. How about “ – Show me the Money!”

  6. Jon says:

    “ – Blogging for Money”
    “ – On the Money”

  7. dannyFoo says:

    • Professional View To Blogging
    • Money From Your Blog
    • The Blogging Encyclopedia
    • Future, Current, Past of Blogging
    • Bloggers Page Online

  8. jim says: – Enriching Bloggers – Helping Bloggers Help Themselves

  9. Jim Kukral says:

    You are asking for a tag line, not a brand. You are already long on your way to building a great brand, just keep the content coming. A brand is the experience, good or bad, useful or not…and hard to build. A tagline is a campaign, just a name, easy to come up with.

  10. Duncan says:

    Problogger: even in bleak city you to can make a quid online
    Problogger: the best way of dealing with the rise in interest rates
    Problogger: money isn’t everything, but it did help me buy my house
    Problogger: why should Google keep all their money?

    seriously though, the current tag line fits the bill perfectly, its honest. and states exactly what the theme of the site is.

  11. Darren says:

    i’m surprised no one has mentioned anything about ‘good looks’ in their tag lines yet….hmmm

  12. Jarkko says:

    I agree with Jim Kukral, you already have a brand. For me your brand is more about helping bloggers NOT making money. Granted, you talk a lot about how to get that extra cent out of blogging, but your style packages it as general help.

    As you are clearly looking for a tag line, I would like to suggest some famous quotes that are slightly altered. You could choose from inspirational and supportive quotes that would support your general helpful manner.

    My favourite philosopher Plato would turn into: The harder you blog, the luckier you get. I admit that it is not perfect match but comes a long way of stating universal truth and associates with your style. Pick your favourite quote and tune it up a bit. Remember to give some credit for the original mastermind, I guess that Plato wouldn’t mind the loan but maybe his fans would.

    Mark Twain would have been a big fan of blogging, just check this out:
    Always blog right – this will gratify some and astonish the rest.

  13. Nicole Simon says:

    you don’t say helping bloggers make money – you say earn. That is a difference for me.

    And yes, it is an online goldmine. “Problogger – making passionated bloggers even better’? ;)

  14. problogger: … better blogging

  15. Josh McQuad says:

    How Do i get started