Scrivs on ProBlogger

Scrivs writes this:

‘If I worked as much as Darren (damn, how many times can I link to him in one week?) or some of the others then I would have much more money, but I also think I wouldn’t be as happy with my life.’

Two responses:

1. Maybe I should start a competition – the winner of the ‘I link to ProBlogger Most’ competition. I could come up with a prize for the most mentions of my blog in a week. Paul could be hard to beat – he’s at 50% of his posts on his front page (thats 3 of 6 posts). However Blogging Help could actually be giving Paul a run for his money – they link to me in 4 of their last 6 posts – sometimes more than once per post. So Scrivs you might have to up your commitment to my blog a touch. Anyone else want to join in?

2. Do I really sound like I’ve got no life as much as Scrivs makes it sound here? I party too…errr…sometimes. Well I’ve been to parties…. ok ok I know people who party….. or at least I’ve been known to blog about people who party….

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  1. Scrivs says:

    Haha, this just shows I need to diversify my reading in this community. I have the web design, geek, and video game communities down pat, but this money making thing I usually keep to myself. That’s it! No links to ProBlogger starting Wednesday (have an entry coming today that links to you again…dammit).

    And this contest is a nice subtle attempt at link-whoring. Nothing wrong with that though.

  2. Duncan says:

    Its a question of what you put first! I still have a day job so the blogging comes second, but I’d love to blog as much as you Darren, and I don’t think life would be the worse for it, despite having to spread the day more. As for linking, well I promise I wouldn’t directly refer to other posts months ago but I keep refering to this site in particular, it must say something…..

  3. Darren says:

    not complaining about the links fellas :-)

    Actually I’m really honoured that you and others link to me because I really respect your opinions and am addicted to your blogs too. thanks again

  4. Scrivs says:

    Sucking up will not get you more links.

  5. Darren says:

    How about cash?

  6. Arieanna says:

    No cash either. But more links. I decided to empty my bookmark folder for the new blog by starting with you, so you’ll be seeing more of me! But I am sure it will never be empty – your blog is probably one of the most helpful out there.