Yahoo! 360 Reviewed

Steve at Micro Persuasion reviews Yahoo! 360 – it looks like an interesting tool but if Steve is right it probably wont be too useful for ProBloggers and Business Bloggers. Steve writes:

‘As compelling as Yahoo! 360 is for newbies, it has virtually zero application as a professional/business blogging tool. It’s far too simple. You can’t easily turn features on or off and it lacks trackbacks and customization. I guess we can’t expect it do everything that the big platforms do.’

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  1. Nicole Simon says:

    I like the privacy settings. Not that i would use them – from my point of view I only enter information (even if protected) which I would not mind telling the world.

    But to get more people into blogging, this is great. If this brings another 2 mio bloggers like MSN Spaces, some of them will grow and will find that there is so much more out there to have in a blog. :)

  2. Audrey says:

    I’m disappointed. I really was hoping for more than that. Not that I would have suddenly changed all my blogs over to Yahoo! 360, but I did have plans on a pet related blog there. I am setting one up on blogger and have one on wp and serendipty software. I like to sample them all and keep track of which brings the most attention with the search engines, etc. You know, Experiment.

    I’m sure that I will give it a look when we have the opportunity and see if there’s anything there for me. Thanks for posting this.