Michael Jackson Responsible for Blog Traffic Growth

Michael Jackson’s late appearance to court today brought a deluge of traffic to the Michael Jackson Trial Watch blog that we’ve been experimenting. It was quite amusing to watch the hits start rolling in as it got closer to him not showing and then especially as the deadline passed before he showed up wearing pajamas.

The experiment has been reasonably successful so far, although we’re only really seeing traffic from MSN search at this point – Google has shunned us thus far but we’re hoping that their next update will remedy this. As you can see from the stats above – the last three days have seen more and more interest in the site as the trial heats up and as the media whip things into more and more of a frenzy. I can’t imagine what it will escalate to if he’s found guilty at the trial’s end in a month or two.

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  1. John Campea says:

    Well Jackson hasn’t helped my traffic much (being a movie blog) but MAN OH MAN… the premiere of the new Star Wars trailer tonight on TV has sent my traffic through the roof!

  2. Tim says:

    Some pretty good stats. Wonder what type of adsense ads that blog shows. :S


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