Divester – 74th blog from Weblogs Inc

Weblogs Inc have just announced their 74th blog Divester which could become better known as ‘that blue blog’. Jason writes that they are spending more time on design which is pretty evident with this one. I think that this is a wise move as using the same blog template on a variety of blogs can mean they all start merging into one. Although this design shows what can be down with a few tweaks because in essence they are using a pretty similar tried and true layout.

Good stuff Weblogs Inc team!

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  1. Jon Gales says:

    Heh. More time = new header image and a different background color :).

  2. Rachel C says:

    It’s ok – it’s a little hard to read though.

  3. Jason says:

    Well, Jon, we do need to keep some of formatting the same if we are going to have standard advertising unit for sale. So, you can expext all WIN blogs to have a leaderboard, skyscraper and two medium rectangles… kind of limits your design options :-)

  4. Jon Gales says:

    Jason–I’m not hating, just pointing out that it is 95% the same as the other WIN sites. I like it, but I just wouldn’t brag about spending time on design.

    (having different layouts for 70 sites would be a nightmare, I see where you are coming from!)