Look what Blogging Bought Me!

ThanksSorry for the last couple of days lighter posting – its the weekend and our focus for the last couple of days has been pretty much upon buying this little house that you see pictured.

Yesterday was the auction and thanks a pretty good deposit from the past six or so months of blogging income we were successful in being the last bidder standing (after a pretty fierce bidding frenzy). I’m thinking of unofficially calling our new home The House that Blogging Built.

So I’d like to take this moment to thank a few people for what has been a pretty amazing year of blogging. I realise that in many ways the purchase of this house is not really about me, its very much been a collective effort. Firstly to my partner ‘V’ who ,for some reason that neither of us really understand, let me dedicate significant amounts of time to blogging, even when in the early days it was only earning a few dollars per day. She initially gave me 6 months to work my butt off on being a full time blogger (before I’d have to go get a ‘real job) to see if we could build it into something substantial. She saw the potential and gave me room to follow my dream.

I’d like to thank the five million or so readers who have read my blogs in the past year or so – without them this would obviously have been impossible. I thank the thousands of bloggers around the world that have linked to my blogs and who have therefore been responsible for these readers.

I’d like to thank Rachel for her great blog design and Regan for his hosting of my blogs – both have gone above and beyond the call for me. Also I’m grateful to a few companies that have been sending me cheques each month. They include Google’s Adsense, Amazon, FastClick, ClickBank, Trade Doubler, AdBrite, BlogAds, Commission Junction and LinkShare. And lastly to the many smaller companies and individuals who have sponsored my blogs with text and banner ads. Its amazing how every bit helps.

Ok – thats the end of my academy award speech – now its time to get back on with some serious blogging – after all its only paid the deposit so far!

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  1. Wow all i can say is i’m green with envy. Not all people can do what u do but as a smalltime blogger i will read and learn the tips you’ve given me. Thank you

  2. uno says:

    I’m impressed. Wish it can occur to me too!

  3. parmgrewal says:

    nice way of motiivating.thnx darren.and Congratulations for that nice house.

  4. Chris says:

    Fantastic house! I think we’re all aspiring to something like that! :-)

  5. Erivelton says:

    Your blog is the best. Congratulations DARREN ROWSE!

  6. Jim says:

    Yeah, congrats! I’m always amazed at the accomplishments people make online.

  7. Sonia says:


    I just wish …. hopefully someday!

  8. fisicomaluco says:

    blogging U can more, U really fantastic….

  9. butlimous says:

    WOW!! Congrtulations for your new dream house! Wish you more success.

  10. Angela says:

    :-) Big smiles from me. You’ve given me hope. I’ve been longing for a log home for a long time. My new goal is a “Blog Log home”. Wonder if will care. Maybe I should start a log home blog. Oh, the possibilities when you blog.

    I realize it’s now two years later, but Congratulations!

  11. amazing :D


  12. Wakish says:

    First of all congrats for your well deserved house!
    It’s really a big hapinness to have a wife who understands and supports you like this, I think all the efforts that you have put in this blog, is the vivid proof of how much you love her and is a way of saying “thanks for trusting me!”. Great achievement from a mature and fully-fledge personality like you! *Hats off*

    Keep going Darren! *Salutes his blogging Guru*

    (Wakish Wonderz –

  13. retsu782000 says:

    Great job you got there. Anyway, how did the auction go?

  14. Mabss says:

    I hope someday blogging would buy something as grand as this one. =)

  15. You really do a top job – you deserve the house! Keep it up.

  16. Jose says:

    Wow, Congratulations, you really deserve it :)

  17. dan says:

    that is awesome…congrats. most of us would be happy with a fraction of that

  18. Terry Bolo says:

    Wow, i definitely need one of those lol. Great to see everything is possible when you work hard.

  19. I wonder if they’ll let me do a custom order for a house on my free xbox site? Maybe I should try…

  20. abasits says:

    you deserve this, very nice house -:)

  21. Debo says:

    True Inspiration

  22. progobbler says:

    You have inspired us so much. We know it will come, we can taste it. Thanks and keep doing what you’re doing!

  23. moonburst says:

    Nothing yet, as I am still saving my earnings. Hopefully I will be that blessed one day. Congrats.

  24. Fyanime says:

    Well ive been using adsense for a while now. =] thanks this inspired meh =D

  25. Congrats man, that’s quite an inspiration. I’ve been using adsense, but nothing like you’ve been lol.

  26. Luis Gross says:

    Congrats Darren, A beautiful house might I add, You surely deserve it, all your hard work paid off Darren enjoy your spoils!

  27. Congratulations…

    A blog site could make you buy a new house and so many things…

    That’s a great news for those who loves blogging…

  28. Nick says:

    Wow, i wish i could have a blog that made me a house like that. I think at the moment my blog could barely afford to make me a cardc board box lol.

  29. James says:

    Man thats insane, i hope the revenue is still coming in from blogging

  30. Jessica says:

    What a great story! How are things 3 years on?
    This has just inspired me to keep going with my blog.

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  32. iPod says:

    I’m determined to get some success from the internet. I am not focusing on blogging yet because I have major writer’s block. We’ll see what happens and who knows, in a few years I may look back and think, good choice.

  33. Free PS3 says:

    I have created a blog but never believed it could be so profitable. Will definitely be looking into monetizing it now.


  34. Sony PS3 says:

    Wow, well done. That’s a encouraging story, I’ve been trying to make money from the internet for some time now but nothing like that!

  35. ipods says:

    Hopefully i can reach this goal too someday…

  36. Free PS3 says:

    That is amazing and is very inspirational! I’m trying to earn some moeny of the interent, managed to earn £1000 last year. Hopefully i can double it this year!

  37. free psp go says:

    damn you bought that house from just blogging?


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