Close for sale

I just spotted that is for sale. They don’t really have an asking price so make them an offer. The sale includes sale of:

  • the domain name (and all subdomains)
  • the domain name
  • the database of blogs (and related databases)
  • all rights to the software

The owner writes: ‘I don’t have a price in mind, so don’t ask. cash-flow wise, the site has cost approximately $3500 to date (mostly for hosting), and has earned less than $750 (mostly from google adsense ads).’

So it doesn’t really sound like a hugely profitable venture that you’d be buying – rather its a ‘renovators delight’ type project.

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  1. Tim says:

    Yeah… it isn’t too appealing.

  2. They – or the new owner – can make better use of the pingbacked URLs.

  3. Hmm… It’s actually tempting…

    Not for traffic or cash, but to raise the profile of what we’re doing…

  4. site flipper says:

    Yahoo has since picked it up.


  1. […] who knew that Yahoo! had bought out The hat-tip goes to Darren Rowse for the tip-off that was for sale. The Problogger also mentioned it was a “renovator’s” project, and I disagree […]