New Google Adsense Payment Options?

Has anyone else noticed the change in the way Adsense are reporting earnings in their ‘Payment History’ section? Its a new design which is much easier to read and get an overview of all at once.

However when you click on the ‘payments’ link for each month you get taken to a page that has a section called ‘Payment Type’ (see picture – highlighted section especially). Interestingly next to this heading is the word ‘Check’.

I wonder why they need to clarify what sort of payment we’re getting? Does this give us an indication of a change in payment options? Maybe Google have been listening to the many calls for new options for receiving monthly payments – we can only hope!

Found via Jensense

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  1. Tim says:

    Yes, I think most people are pushing for wire transfer (likely) or even Paypal (unlikely).

  2. Duncan says:

    I hope to goodness they are going to utilise Paypal ,my Google cheques in USD take 30 days to clear! whereas a Paypal transfer usually takes a couple of days into my account.

  3. Vrindavan says:

    i wish they use

    much better than paypal

  4. There was originally was a deposit option for the referral program, but it was pulled out.

  5. johnway says:

    i am a newbie,but i like it very much!

  6. fedmich says:

    Saw this post from google.
    This is a very old and still unresolved topic, about 3 yrs.

    I too am waiting for this to happen…