Technorati Tags for Dummies

Everyone is talking about Tags at the moment. With the launch of Technorati’s new Tag service it is no wonder that they are because it is a technology that has the potential to change the way we find and interact with one another’s content. Rather than rewrite what has already been written on the topic I thought I’d provide you with a list of excellent resources that have already been written on Technorati Tags. Feel free to submit your own suggestions and articles on Tags below in comments. Here are some of the better posts and resources on tags that I’ve found so far:

Technorati has an information page on Using Technorati Tags‘Think of a tag as a simple category name. People can categorize their posts, photos, and links with any tag that makes sense.’

Sifry writes that Tags are still in beta – and that ‘ there are kinks to be worked out, and missing features, too. For example, we still miss some tags here and there, especially for certain weblogs, due to some post detection issues. We’re working on that. In addition, we will be providing RSS feeds so you can subscribe to your favorite tags. We’re also working on ways that anyone can participate and be included in the system, keep your eyes on this space in the near future.’

Corante has an excellent article on Technorati tags: (Take 2) with some good introductory remarks and some observations and guesses about how the technology will unfold – ‘Just slap a tag on something and now its value becomes social, not individual. As these tags are added willy-nilly, two issues arise: We want to get more value from them and we want to work out the scaling problems — it’s one thing when there are 30 things tagged with “weasels” and another when there are 300,000. A site like Technorati, which already gets its value as an aggregator, is in a good position to innovate around both issues.’

- View from the Isle by Larix Consulting writes On Technorati tags…another folksonomyWhy is tagging important? Well I think the explosive popularity ofFlickr really show us why. People like to categorize things and like to read about/see pictures/bookmarks from people who are also interested in these things. It is another extension of social networking. And it will be the next wave to expand the blogsphere and make it even more useful.’ Tris also considers Tag Spam which could not be far away.

How to Blog for Fun & Profit has an excellent introduction to Technorati TAGs - ”Tagging represents a new way to filter and categorize the web even further than we already can. But it also represents a new level of viral socialization. has implemented a new tagging service which makes use of Flickr and’

Naptsterization writes about Tagging at Technorati, Flickr and‘What I’m wondering about is how quickly the spammers will figure this all out, and use it to their advantage. Currently, even though I block comment spam across my blogs, and know that Technorati, Feedster, PubSub et al, as well as Google, don’t log comments or at least comment links because of the spam problem, the comment spammers try ever increasingly clever tricks. They might leave 500 comments in a hour (like I wouldn’t notice) each with a different IP address, a different URL they want linked to for google juice, a different return email address, different products.

Jeff Jarvis in Tag me writes – ‘I want a plug-in that lets me add tags to posts as easily as I add the less flexible categories. Better yet, I’d love a smart plug-in tied into a network of Technorati/Flickr tags that suggests tags to me.’ – Here Here – I want a plug in like that too!!!

Technorati Tag Plugins, Tools and Bookmarklets

- Oddiophile has developed a bookmarklet that automates the writing of Technorati Tagging Code.

- John Jottings has a short piece on using Technorati Tags in Movable Type

- WordPress Plug ins has developed a Technorati Tag – WordPress Plugin

- Drunk and Tired has some useful ideas and code for Blogger Users wanting to use Technorati Tags

- Jabberwocky has developed a plug in (version 1) to help WordPress users use Technorati Tags

- Notebook has this handy little bookmarklet that allows you to search Tecnorati’s Tags

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  1. Amit Ganguly says:

    You have clearly presented from all over the web, the viewpoints of many people about tags of Technorati. Excellent post!


  1. […] There are loads of information about Technorati tags all around the web which are useless to be re-written. Darren Rowse over at Problogger has a brilliant collection of Technorati tag-related sources in this post. […]

  2. […] There are loads of information about Technorati tags all around the web which are useless to be re-written. Darren Rowse over at Problogger has a brilliant collection of Technorati tag-related sources in this post. […]