Average Blogger makes $20 to $50 per Month

WebPro New has an article on the rise of blogging and estimates that the average blogger is making $20 to $50 each month. I’m not sure how they come to this figure – I know many bloggers, 90% of whom make nothing from their blog. Another 9% might make a few dollars each month (probably less than $20) and then there is a very small percent who make good money from blogging. I guess if you average it out those earning big money would increase the average – but I doubt if you averaged out the millions of bloggers that you’d find $20-$50 is the figure.

‘Blogging is growing at a phenomenal rate with a new blog being registered every 7.8 seconds.

Blogs are being established by a wide range of people from individuals who simply want to express their thoughts through to corporate communication executives who want to influence their market place. Blogs enable information to be disseminated almost instantaneously. They are easy to set up, easy to use and they are easy on your audience.

The typical blogger makes around $20 to $50 profit per month which just about covers the costs of maintaining their blog. This income is mostly generated through Pay Per Click revenue from services such as Google’s Adsense, from affiliate earning through the recommendation of books and other products and from paid advertising revenue for banners and text links….’

Read more at Blogs Being Registered Every 7 8 Seconds

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  1. Ryan says:

    This makes me feel a little better because I only made $20 my first month from Google Adsense and Chitika combined on my site ( ).


  2. Toad says:

    I’m kind of with Darren on this. The majority of bloggers that I know don’t make money doing it.

  3. adam says:

    a blog isn’t about making money – there are much easier/quicker ways to make a buck…for those doing a quality blog – money might become a byproduct!

  4. Mary says:

    My first month earning was $28.00 now is close to $100 but I have 6 blogs to that make a difference. Is much easier having alot of blogs with adsense and earn $100 a month than having just one blog. I also link all way blogs too.

  5. root says:

    Been blogging for about a year now, at first I started with 10-15$ a month, but now Its around 300.00 Euros.. (Adult related content is good when you want to boost your traffic )

  6. no way, im an average blogger and make about 300-500 dollars/month with adsense and affiliate commissions.

    actually, my previous blog that about HEALTH, BEAUTY, AND FITNESS.

    maybe because HEALTH topic is paying higher than MAKING MONEY BLOG.

    p/s: i’m not targeting MESOTHELIOMA keywords… ;)