Product and Brand Names are Best Keywords

The Daily Rundown (link removed as the site is no longer there)has this interesting piece of analysis about what people are searching for on Google.

‘ 28% of Google searches are for a “product name”, 9% are for a “brand name” and 5% are searches for a “company name”. “Brand” keywords also have a 8x higher ROI than generic keywords. Not sure if that is for all searches or just consumer-product related searches, but either way it demonstrates the importance of making sure your site shows up on the SERPs for your brand.’

Now that is some useful information that fits pretty well with the anecdotal evidence that I’ve seen over the past year. So if you’re reviewing, previewing or just talking about a product you should be as specific as possible with your keywords – put them in your title, in your image tags, and make sure they’re included numerous times in the body of your post.

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  1. says:

    We too support your findings. Every time we list product/company/brand names, we see better performance. The best way to incorporate them is to cite examples of products/company/brands that are relevant to the article.

  2. MY Hot Image says:

    I second that too, many products are based on other products too ( ex. mobile accessories )

  3. While I think it’s true, where did those numbers come from? As far as I know Google did not release such stats. I think it might also work for competitor brands

  4. I completely understand what you are saying, but i have to ask. How important do you think the url is for those keywords? For example if you are posting about Nike Shoes it is going to be pretty difficult to beat Get what i am saying? So even if you set your title, links, backlinks, and body up correctly you still can not surpass the top dog with the keyword url. Do you agree??

  5. Darren Rowse says:

    Ohad – they came from a study that a site did that is no long live on the web. I am unable to track down any other places where the results are posted unfortunately.

    John – yes i think keywords in URLs are important – however they are not the be all and end all. I have blogs with URLS that don’t relate at all to the topics I’ve written about that rank well. It is just one factor to keep in mind (one of many).

  6. I will definitely keep that in mind, i know there is a lot of debate about the url/keyword corolation with SEOs. Thanks for responding Darren.

  7. Lejanson says:

    I think branding your blog with a name can really help with google rankings. I am still a noob so I need all I can learn.

  8. Michael Wong says:

    I want to be a Problogger too. Finished reading your post, my first lesson in being a blogger. Thanks.

  9. I have to agree – I included a name – Steven Covey – in a post and although my site is new, people found it via google as the post ranks high right away for some searches. It was a very pleasant surprise.

  10. Dimitri says:

    Thank you for the great tip, I was just wondering how to go about it, again thanks…

  11. gazzali says:

    Hi darren

    you mean to say we can write a topic on a product even if we are not selling it?


  12. This is great, it’s clearly brief explanation for newb like me,I’ll bookmark this!

  13. Julie Parker says:

    Nicely put I agree for the most part, How To Build A Windmill.

  14. Asep says:

    I often review some products and websites but I don’t know the good keywords from my entry title, so your information is very good to maximize my traffic from search engine…especially from brand keywords. Thanks

  15. Your tips will definitely enlighten many investors and corporate leaders, as you have broadened my horizons.Thanks.

  16. I often review some products and websites but I don’t know the good keywords from my entry title, so your information is very good to maximize my traffic from search engine…especially from brand keywords. Thanks