Tips to Increase CTR on Google Adsense

Webmaster Articles has a good post about increasing your CTR (click through rate) on Adsense. They write some good posts – similar to some of what I’ve written in my Adsense for Bloggers Tips. Here is one that they write that I’ve found to work very well for me also.

“#2 Blend the background and border to match the page’s background.  You don’t want to trick visitors into clicking, but you don’t want them deadened by banner blindness either.”
Read more at Google Adsense: Tips to Increase CTR

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  1. gaara says:

    my new site finally done.what i have to do now is updated or make a new post……tq.

  2. ellen says:

    i have start my persoanl blog…most is in chinese word…thanks your tips

  3. Ivan says:

    It’s all about how well the page is optimized, so you can get relevant ads. Just sprinkle different types of ads all over the page and I noticed, the smaller work better probably because too much links are somehow distracting visitors and they don’t click. Try red nuance for titles, you will be surprised!

  4. fred says:

    I have an interesting blog & really looking forward putting some quality adsense ads into my page.
    appreciate ur comment on my adsense placement here :

    tq so much.

  5. andrew says:

    My site has a traffic of 1000 per day, but my CTR is not that regular, from 4.33% to 0.27%, and I found the traffic and the CTR has some inverse relationship. That really make me confused.

  6. karthik says:

    what is CTR and how to increase ctr and traffic to my blog. can joining blogrush like sites be useful to popularize our blog

  7. Very effective tips.

  8. sweety says:

    using text ads in between posts increases revenue to get more CPC use content related to forex


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