Blog Promotion 101

Tristam from Blogopoly has posted an interesting post entitled Blog Promotion 101. His headings are: (there is more information linked to each)

1) Make your Site Visible to Search Engines
2) Exchange Links with Other Bloggers
3) Create an RSS Feed
4) Promote your Blog amongst your own Friends and Contacts
5) Join a Webring and/or text ad network
6) Guest Blogging
7) Get your Users to talk to each other and you by enabling Comments
8) Check your Visitor log to find other Bloggers to exchange Links or Guest Blogging requests with
9) Find out who is linking to other similar Blogs to yours to find more sites to exchange Links or Guest Blogging requests with
10) Use Trackback and enable on your Blog if Possible

Some useful blog promotion tips there.

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  1. 11. comment on other peoples blogs hahaha
    thanks for the tips
    trackbacks + pingbacks too

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for the tips. As a new blogger, I will put them to work right away.

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks so much! The most coherent summary of blog promotion that I’ve read.

  4. cutie says:

    Interesting Topic! I’m on the way to increase traffic And I think I should work on Blog Promotion

  5. phkharat says:

    Great Tips, I am learning seo strategy, so referred lost of article but your article is very helpfull to all beginner.

    lot of thanks

    Pramod Kharat

  6. Crystal says:

    thanks for the tips, this is one of the most helpful posts on the web :)

  7. Rockafeller says:

    Thanks for the tips, not only are these actually proving useful, you’ve addressed some that aren’t common knowledge. I’ve run across a lot of blog promotion sites and this one is the only one with really unique unorthidox tips. Thanks a lot, hope you keep writing, I’ll be stopping by regularly.

  8. alakaline says:

    how does one make the blog visible to search engines other than google?

  9. Thanks for the tips. I’m just getting our blog started, so I’ll post in the coming months to update on the progress.

  10. Paul says:

    If you’re exchanging links, #2 on the list, I strongly recommend Arkayne. It links your blogs automagically.

  11. John says:

    Great list. I wish you could recommend some reliable webrings and/or text ad people. I’ve seen a lot of scams with that kind of stuff.

  12. Manitou 1 says:

    12. Use ESP

    13. Hire a skywriter.

    14. Buy advertising space on Britney’s bald head.

  13. veronicaromm says:

    Great ideas and all very wrokable. thanks

  14. Sime says:

    Handy, thanks.

  15. Thats great stuff. It is very useful for blog promotion.

  16. Asking for link exchanging is very difficult and may I say frustrated. I have a blog on relationship and is trying to get in contact with some bloggers to request link exchange. I have emailed 2 people but they replied saying that they would put my link on their sites after I have put theirs on mine. I don’t know if this is how it’s supposed to work?

  17. ronin1770 says:

    Very very interesting post – great ideas – i am trying them on and will update the users about the outcome of application of the principles defined here

  18. what the most important is execute what he ideas is come out. actually , few of the ideas i have done, another will be do what the good ideas and brainstorming.


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