31 Days to Build a Better Blog – Affiliate Program

ebook copy.pngThanks for your interest in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog affiliate program.

The most common question I’ve had since releasing the workbook for 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is ‘do you have an affiliate program?’

The answer is yes. Here’s how you can sign up, recommend the workbook and make a few dollars while doing so (I’m offering a 40% commission on any sale through your affiliate link).

How to Sign Up

1. Sign up at e-junkie as an affiliate (if you’ve not already).

2. Once you’re signed up join the ProBlogger affiliate program by clicking this link.

Once you’ve done this – go to the ‘affiliates admin’ section and look for the ‘Get affiliate Code’ link. Select the ‘ProBlogger’ affiliate program and then the ’31 Days to Build a Better Blog’ option.

You’ll then be given two options for affiliate links – one that links to my sales page here on ProBlogger and the other that links directly to a direct sales page where people can finalize a purchase (in this case you’ll want to presell it as it has no information about the product.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing

Please read 10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog and 6 More Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Blogs.

My main request is that you keep your promotions personal, relevant, non spammy and non hyped. Whole I believe this workbook will help bloggers achieve significant milestones with their blog nobody wins if you build the workbook up beyond what it is.

For best results – I highly recommend you get a copy of the workbook. That’s not a desperate sales pitch – but rather a piece of advice – you’ll have more success promoting it if you’re familiar with it and genuine in your recommendation. It’s not compulsory but those who are having most success with the affiliate program have been interacting with the workbook.

A Few Tips From What Others are Doing

In analyzing the affiliate sales figures and watching the different approaches that people are taking so far I make the following observations which I hope might be helpful:

1. Those doing the promotion via email are converting best. While blog posts and tweeting the offer are also converting it seems for this promotion email is king from where am sitting.

2. One of the top affiliates has included a bonus for anyone who buys the book. This has converted very well.

3. Most of the top affiliates have all given quite personal recommendations that show that they’ve read the book and have been quite heavy on talking about benefits of the book as well as ‘talking me up’ as the author.

4. There’s been quite a bit of promotion on Twitter – this has been surprising in how many sales it has driven yet it is very much for a few minutes after the tweet. Those doing best with Twitter are tweeting during peak times and doing multiple tweets over a number of days to reach their full network

5. Multiple promotions seem to be working well – what I mean by this is that one of the top affiliates has posted on his blog, emailed his list and has done a few tweets. They didn’t all go out at once but over 3 days. This seems to have reinforced the promotion to his readers and alerted different parts of his network to it.


If you have any questions about the affiliate program please contact me through my contact page.

Images to Help You Promote the Workbook

Feel free to use any of the following images or banners to help you promote the workbook.





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